Your car helps you get where you need to go. It's important to keep it in good running condition at all times. By maintaining your vehicle, this can help you avoid expensive repairs and the possibility of breakdowns. Knowing the reasons to visit an auto repair shop may motivate you to schedule an appointment sooner rather than later.

Reason #1:  Oil change

Doing routine maintenance on your vehicle, such as changing the oil will allow your car to run more smoothly. Studies show it is recommended for you to get an oil change at least every 3.000–5,000 miles for the optimal results for your vehicle.

Reason #2: Checking the brakes

Getting your car to stop when you need to is critical to avoiding accidents. You should routinely have your brakes checked and more frequently if you hear a noise. The sound of squealing brakes is an indication that you may need new brake pads.

Reason #3: Electrical problems

If the fuse has gone out in your car, this can cause a number of problems. For instance, your panel lights may not work property or the interior lights of your car may not function properly.

Reason #4: Check the tires

Maintaining a high tread on your tires can help you avoid an accident. A mechanic can evaluate your tires and let you know if you need to replace these. Driving around on old tires that are slick and low on tire tread can be dangerous.

Reason #5: Transmission repairs

Your transmission allows your car to change gears as needed. This is important when going at various speeds while driving. Making sure the transmission is maintained may help you avoid replacing it which could be expensive.

Reason #6: Fuel system

It's important to keep your fuel pump maintained all times. It is possible for your fuel tank to become clogged if you consistently drive around town with a low amount of gas in the tank.

Reason #7: Ignition system

You will want your car to start each time you get in it. This means making sure the ignition system is in good shape that regularly includes checking the battery, alternator and starter.

Finally, keeping your car well-maintained and running efficiently can be done with the help of a mechanic. Be sure to schedule an appointment with an auto repair shop (such as Covey's Auto) to have all of the necessary maintenance completed to your vehicle.