If you have been shopping around for commercial trucks, then you might have been surprised by some of the prices that you have seen. Commercial trucks can be expensive, but one great option for cutting costs is to look for a used truck instead. You might be nervous about buying a used commercial vehicle, but these are four signs that you can look for to ensure that you're getting a good deal when buying a previously owned semi-truck.

1. It Comes with a Warranty

Because of the many miles and the harsh wear and tear that are put on these vehicles, you may never know if you are getting a good used truck or not. Luckily, a warranty can help ease your mind and can give you time to give the vehicle a try without having to worry about making costly repairs. Even a short-time warranty can provide you with peace of mind when making this type of investment.

2. It Isn't Rusty

Semi trucks can become very rusty over the years; the salt, snow and ice on the roads can cause rust to occur, as can other environmental factors. Carefully inspect the truck for rusty spots; if you can't find any, then there's a good chance that you've found a good commercial vehicle. However, you should carefully look for painted spots -- they can often be an indication that someone has tried to cover up rust that was previously there. Looking at the painted spot at an angle or running your hand over it to look for raised areas can give you a clue as to whether or not the area was rusty or was simply painted for cosmetic reasons.

3. It Has a Good Service Record

Commercial trucks are designed to last for a long time and for many miles, but they have to be properly taken care of. Take a peek at the service record; if it shows routine maintenance and no major mechanical issues, then you have probably found a great used truck.

4. It's Coming from a Reputable Dealer

Although it's certainly possible to find a good deal on a used truck when buying from an individual, it is a little more risky. If you are buying from a dealer, such as Arrow Truck Sales, with a good reputation or a well-known company that is simply getting rid of some of its stock, then there's a good chance that you are getting a good deal. This is because these major companies don't like to tarnish their reputations by selling commercial vehicles that are less than the best.

There are a few signs that you can look for to determine if you are getting a good deal on a used semi truck. If you notice any of these four signs, then it's a strong chance that you are securing a great truck for a great price.