Car repairs can be quite costly yet most of the damage can be avoided through proper vehicle use. It is important to know that the best solution for damaged automatic transmission is a complete re-build, which can also be quite expensive. You can keep your car's transmission in good working order for longer if you avoid the following common mistakes.

Low transmission fluid

Ensure your car has the recommended amount of transmission fluid. The vehicle manufacturer gives a recommended schedule for checking your transmission fluid. If you find that you have to add the fluid more often than the recommended frequency, you may have a leak in your transmission since the transmission does not burn or consume the fluid.

Abrupt engagement

Abrupt engagement of the transmission can lead to premature failure of its internal parts and you will need to rebuild the transmission when this happens. You should avoid shifting into reverse or drive when your engine is at a fast idle. You should also avoid stopping or starting suddenly since this damages the drive train components, which causes internal transmission damage.

Not warming up the engine

If you have not used the vehicle for a long time, for instance, when you are getting ready to drive out in the morning, you should warm up the engine first before setting off. This is because the transmission fluid has an operating temperature that works best when you run the engine for a few minutes before setting off.

Transmission additives

You should avoid putting additives in your transmission. The transmission fluid is designed specifically for its application in the transmission system. Everything that needs to be in the transmission is already added to the fluid by the manufacturer. Most of the additives claim to offer a quick fix solution to transmission problems such as preventing leaks. However, they often end up causing more harm than good.

Poor vehicle handling

You need to care for your vehicle in order to maintain all components in good working order. Recklessness and neglecting important manufacturer recommendations can cause many problems. Habits such as rocking your car to get it unstuck can cause excessive heat in the transmission. Towing the vehicle while the driving wheels are on the ground and using the shift lever rather than using the brakes will also wear out your transmission much faster.

DIY transmission repairs

Many other problems come up when you try to play doctor by buying over-the-counter additives and trying out DIY repairs without prior knowledge of vehicle repair. In modern vehicle models, the transmission systems are much more complex and equally harder to repair. You should leave the job to Interstate Transmission.