It's becoming more common for boat owners to do repairs and touch-ups themselves. One of the main repairs that needs to be done is trailer repair, but before you are able to repair a boat trailer, you are going to need to take the boat off first. You will need to get the boat out of the way to be able to manipulate the trailer as much as you need to in order to make the repairs. However, removing the boat from the trailer and not putting it directly into the water can easily result in your boat being damaged. Here are some tips for making sure that your boat stays safe when you're repairing your trailer.

1. Get a Boat Stand

Don't skimp on the boat stand. You're going to be saving a great deal of money by fixing your trailer yourself, so you should have some money available to purchase a stand that will keep your boat safe. These stands will cost between $70 and $100, depending on the size of your boat. If this is too much, you can look online for people who are selling used boat stands, or you can even rent a stand for a few months. The boat stand will allow you to store your boat upright for a while without having to worry about it being damaged.

2. Make Sure You Have the Right Blocking

Blocking is when you use blocks that are made out of some material to hold your boat off of the ground. You will need these if you plan on doing any work on the boat as well, such as painting the hull. You can either purchase blocking materials from your local boat store that actually match the boat that you have, or you can go to a hardware store and purchase plywood boards that are cut 6" x 6". You can glue these together to make a low block of between 5 and 10 boards. You want to use wooden blocks, rather than cinder block blocks because cinder block is less malleable. You want the weight of the boat to create a slight groove in the wood to reduce the chances that it will fall off.

3. Get at Least One Other Person to Help You Carry Your Boat

Finally, when you detach the boat from the trailer, you are going to need at least one other person to help you safely remove the boat and carry it to the stand or to the blocking so that work can be done. If you don't get another person, you are going to put yourself and your boat in danger of being damaged.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in trailer repair.