The oil in your car is among the most critical fluids for keeping the vehicle running. Without oil, your car's engine would quickly destroy itself due to excessive friction. Considering the importance of a car's oil, it is vital for drivers to understand how to get the most out of this fluid, but this is knowledge that many new drivers may not have. Following these tips should help you to get the most protection out of your car's oil. 

Allow The Car To Warm Before Driving It During The Winter

It is common for some drivers to assume that the oil will instantly provide peak protection to their vehicles when the engine is started. While the oil will start being pumped through the motor, you should allow the car several minutes to warm before driving during the winter months. 

The cold temperatures can reduce the effectiveness of the oil, which will cause driving to put more wear and tear on your vehicle. By allowing the car to heat up, you give the oil a chance to warm to an optimal temperature. When the oil is warm, it can flow more easily through the engine, and this will ensure that it is providing the protection that your vehicle needs to last for many years. 

Have The Oil Filter Changed

When the oil is changed, it is important to have the oil filter changed as well. There are some new drivers that will attempt to save some money on this routine work by skipping it. However, this can expose your engine to numerous impurities and residues that can compromise performance. 

When you have a clean oil filter in place, these materials are removed before they reach the sensitive components of the engine. Without a new filter, these impurities would quickly form a thick residue on these components, which could cause them to warp or outright fail. While this may add a few extra dollars to the cost of your next oil change, the added protection that it offers your vehicle makes this cost trivial. 

A car's oil is one part of the vehicle that many drivers may make the error of improperly maintaining. This can contribute to a host of issues for the engine, but it is possible to avoid many of these problems by simply following a couple of simple tips. If you allow the engine to warm before driving it and change the oil filter each time you have the oil changed, you can make sure that your vehicle is as protected as possible from the damaging effects of wear and tear. Visit a mechanic like Bill Smith's Auto for more advice about caring for your car's oil.