When the car that you rely on to get you from here to there fails, you always know that you can count on a towing service to help you out of a bad situation. However, you never know where you will be left in wait as a stranded motorist, and car trouble can leave you seated in some pretty dangerous situations. Here are four simple rules you should keep in mind to keep you safe while you wait for a tow truck to arrive.

1. Get Out of the Roadway As Quickly As Possible - If your car breaks down in the middle of a busy roadway, be sure you try to get your vehicle out of the way before calling for help. If your engine will not start at all, try turning on your key and putting the car in neutral and getting it to roll so you can coast to the shoulder. The last thing you want is to be struck by another vehicle that does not see you sitting in the way.

2. Keep Your Lights and Flashers On To Stay Visible - If you do not have a dead battery, make sure you keep your car visible by turning on lights and emergency flashers. It can be incredibly dangerous to be stalled, even on the shoulder of the highway, especially at night or in bad weather when another driver may not be able to see you.

3. Be Alert To the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide - In the middle of winter, if you have something go wrong but your car will still run, you may be tempted to crank up the heat for as long as necessary until the towing service arrives. However, the smallest carbon monoxide leak can be a danger for you in a closed vehicle for long periods. Crack your window if you must have the heat on for longer than usual, and make sure your muffle is not blocked with ice or snow.

4. Always Assume Strangers Are Dangerous - You may be stranded in a quaint small town or rural area, but as a stranded motorist, it is never a good idea to fully trust anyone you do not know. If someone stops to ask if you need help, only barely crack your window to speak to them. Keep your doors locked, stay in your vehicle, and let anyone who asks know that a tow truck will e there to help any second.

Even  though it can be scary to be stuck when your car fails you, keeping this simple safety rules in mind will help you stay secure until a towing service arrives. If you would like to know more, never hesitate to ask the dispatcher of the towing service when you call what you need to do to stay safe while you wait.