Diesel engines are commonly found in commercial vehicles, but these engines are also frequently used in passenger cars. Individuals that have recently purchased their first diesel engine vehicle may not be sure of the steps for properly caring for this type of automobile. Fortunately, you can use these tips to help make sure that your car's diesel engine avoids some potentially serious malfunctions.

Have The Glow Plugs Inspected Before Each Winter Serviced

One of the differences between diesel fuel and regular gasoline is that it must be far hotter to ignite. Unfortunately, there can be instances where the engine may not produce enough heat to actually ignite to diesel fuel. To compensate for this, manufacturers include glow plugs that are designed to help warm the fuel before it is ignited. These devices can greatly improve the performance of diesel engines, but they can be prone to malfunctioning.

To ensure that your engine works as it is supposed to during the winter, you should have the glow plugs inspected by an experienced diesel technician. These individuals will be able to quickly test this component to make sure that it is functioning. When the plugs are showing signs of wear, the technician will replace them with new ones. While you may not want to take your diesel engine to the technician each winter, this simple step can help you avoid being stranded due to faulty glow plugs.

Change The Particulate Filter Monthly

Diesel engines have the potential to produce far more emissions than traditional gasoline engines. As a result, these engines are equipped with special particulate filters that are designed to reduce these emissions as much as possible. Yet, some new diesel owners may be unaware of the importance of regularly changing this filter.

Over time, the particulate matter will greatly restrict the flow of air through the filter, which can decrease your engine's power and fuel efficiency. Eventually, this problem can become severe enough to cause the engine to completely stall. Fortunately, changing the particulate filter is something that you will likely be able to do on your own by following the steps in your vehicle's maintenance guide.

Getting the most from your diesel engine requires you to have an understanding about the basic maintenance needs of these engines. Once you appreciate the value of keeping the fuel injectors clean as well as changing the particulate filter on a regular basis, you can keep your engine safe from some routine sources of problems.For more information, contact companies like Bethel Automotive.