Buying a new car is a big investment, and you want to keep it running as long as you can. This will save you a lot of money in repair bills, and help your car last much longer for you. Below are two preventative maintenance tasks you should be doing on your car, and what will happen if you do not.

Check the Tire Pressure

Many new cars will alert you if your tire pressure is low, but some do not. If yours does not, check the tire pressure regularly to ensure it is correct. Refer to your car's owner's manual to see what the tire pressure should be on your car. You can purchase a gauge at an auto parts store that you can use to check the pressure. If it is low on pressure this means it is underinflated.

If your tire pressure is low and you do nothing about it, your car will be difficult to handle because of uneven tires. You will also have bad fuel mileage. The worst thing, it can do is to cause your tires to blow out. This is because the sides of the tires flex more as the tires are rolling, which generates heat.

Change the Oil

You should make sure you change your oil. Refer to your car's owner's manual to see how often you should do this. Oil is important, as it lubricates the engine, and keeps your engine cool. As the oil travels throughout your engine, it constantly lubricates all engine components.  

You have to change your oil when you are supposed to, as the oil picks up small debris and dirt from the engine, and the oil becomes too dirty. This will cause many problems if you do not change the oil. The engine parts will start to be too hot, which causes the engine to not run efficiently over time. It also causes the components in the engine to wear out much faster. Not having enough lubrication causes the engine parts to hit each other, which causes a lot of friction.

Over time, this problem can become much worse, and it can cause your engine to completely shut down. You would then have to replace it.  Getting your oil changed is not expensive, but a new or even used engine is very expensive.

Talk to a mechanic shop like ABS Unlimited Auto Repair about all the maintenance you need to do on your car.